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Is the entire event really free?
Yes, 100% free to attend and participate. Free parking. Free admission. Free balls to hit while testing clubs. Free prize drawings. Free lessons and clinics. Free information. The only thing you have to pay for is all the new clubs you fall in love with and just have to put in your bag, other merchandise, food and beverage.

Will the range be open on Demo Day?
Yes, a limited number of hitting bays on south end of the range will be open for practice before and during the event, with the entire range open after the event (5pm Friday, 4pm Saturday), Please note that only the south end ball machine will be open. Parking may be limited and you may have to walk quite a distance with your clubs.

Will the putting green be open on Demo Day?
The real-grass green will be closed all day until after the event (5pm Friday, 4pm Saturday). However, the artificial grass green on the south end will be open for practice if not being utilized by one of our instructors.

How do I get to test the new clubs?
Two ways. For club brands on the range, you can either call now to make a personal appointment for a fitting session (call pro shop: 760-720-GOLF) or, while at the event, just go to any manufacturer representative at individual booths and ask them to test their clubs on the range or the putting green. They will help you make the proper selection of clubs for your individual swing and provide you with range balls.

Will there be clubs for lefties and women to test?
Yes. We specifically request that our manufacturer representatives bring all the clubs they have for women and lefties. However, if there is something you want to try but they don’t have, please ask a CGC team member for assistance. We may have that club in our custom fitting center building at the north end of the range.

Will I get my club specifications after testing clubs?
Once you have decided on a club or clubs to purchase, the manufacturer representative you’re working with will give your fitting sheet to a CGC team member. Together you will go in the pro shop to get pricing and complete your purchase. All fitting sheets for all customers will be collected in the pro shop and available should you decide to purchase.

Are clubs purchased at the event guaranteed?
Yes. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase so there is absolutely no risk in purchasing new clubs. All clubs purchased at the event are happiness-guaranteed for 30 days after you receive them. If you’re not happy with your clubs, bring them in with your original sales receipt and we’ll work together to figure out how to hit them better, get you in a different club or refund your money. Yes, really, 100% cash back -- best guarantee you'll find anywhere!

Where do I park?
Either in the facility parking lot or along Haymar Drive in legal places. You may have to walk a short distance. You can always drop someone off at the facility entrance even if there are no spaces in the lot. Please do not park in the shopping center lot at the west end of Haymar.

How will I know what the special event discounts are?
For starters, see the Reasons to Attend page. Additionally, when you arrive at the event, you will receive a Demo Day event program which lists all the discounts, promo specials, events, freebies and has coupons for future use. Plus, you can listen for announcements for direction and information. Please feel free to ask any CGC team member any question you may have.

Do you take trade-in clubs?
Yes. Just bring your trade-in clubs to the table outside the pro shop and we’ll give you top dollar trade-in value that you can use for immediate purchase or save for the future on a CGC gift card. Get a 50% BONUS value on trade-ins during the Demo Day event. The trade-in value depends on the age, brand and condition of the club(s) and not all clubs have trade-in value. However, we do accept clubs as donations to local junior golf programs and we will deliver them for you. We do not accept gear other than clubs for trade-in. We accept trade-ins on a daily basis in the pro shop, even if you are not purchasing anything that day and want to save your credit on a CGC gift card.

If I trade-in clubs, can I keep them until my new clubs arrive?
Yes. We won’t leave you without any clubs. Just as long as the trade-in clubs are in the same condition when we receive them as when we gave you the trade-in value.

Should I bring my own clubs to the event?
It depends. If you want to trade them in, absolutely bring them and we’ll give you top dollar trade-in value toward the purchase of new clubs. If you want to compare your current clubs vs. the new clubs you plan to purchase, have them in your car in case you need them. If you want to hit a bucket of balls for practice, yes. As there can be confusion as to which clubs you brought vs. those brought by manufacturer representatives for the event, we recommend not bringing your clubs to the tee line, putting green or pro shop unless needed and not leaving them unattended at any time.

How long does it take to for me to receive special order items?
It depends on the manufacturer. All orders will be placed no later than Monday after the event and we will contact you with an estimated delivery date. Most special orders arrive within two weeks if all components and models are available.

Can clubs and other merchandise be shipped directly to me?
It depends on the manufacturer. Some yes, some no. Even if clubs must come to us first, we can re-ship them to you for a small shipping fee. When you place your club order, we will let you know your shipping options.

Can I enter contests more than once?
No. You can only enter each contest or prize drawing once per event.

Can kids come to the event?
Yes. Please note that there will be no specific clubs for juniors to test unless they are skilled enough to hit adult clubs. Children must be supervised at all times for their safety.

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